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TYRO Planet Visuals

     Will worked with DJ and producer, Tyro, to create graphics for is show at the 2019 SNOWTA music festival. Tyro envisioned motion graphics that reflected the "Universal Studios" intro logo as a quick nod to the film studio while also creating visuals that coincide thematically with his music.

     While creating the visuals, Will wanted to incorporate elements that reflects the style of dubstep. The two artists decided on the idea of an apocalyptic-lava-wasteland Earth while having that same "Universal Studio" animation.

Please see the audio credits. All audio rights are retained by their respective owners.

Music: Eminem - Godzilla (feat. Juice WRLD)


     The main programs used during this project were Cinema 4D for the modeling, Adobe Photoshop for the custom textures and UV editing, and Adobe After Effects for compositing and color grading.

     The Earth texture can be found on NASA's website. (ALL photos NASA uploads to their site are public domain and can be used by anyone)

     NASA Planet Texture:

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