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     Will worked with DJ and producer, Tyro, to create visual elements for his shows. With this project, Will was given the creative license to determine his designs. When starting with the design process, he wanted to give the feeling of an impact or punch like dubstep music gives when listening to it. This was the beginning stages that led to the final product.

     While creating the visuals Will wanted to capture the mechanics of a motor while making something futuristic and unheard of. With this, he went to work designing pistons and a motor to use as the main objects in the scene. He then added motion to the pistons giving the viewer the visual punch that dubstep brings.

Please see the audio credits. All audio rights are retained by their respective owners.

Music: Tyro - Wild Boi


     The main programs used during this project were Cinema 4D for the modeling, Adobe Photoshop for the custom textures and UV editing, and Adobe After Effects for compositing and color grading.

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