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     During the Covid-19 outbreak, many people had to stay home to stay safe or to keep the virus from spreading. While the world was in a massive pandemic, many artists took the time to sit down in the comfort of their home and do what they do best... be creative.

     Phil Bollins (AKA Digital Ridge) gathered artists from around the world to come together and create a collaborative piece. After creating the template as a base, he sent it out to the artists that wanted to join. Each artists job was to create a scene in his/her own style from the template that was provided.

Please see the audio credits. All audio rights are retained by their respective owners.


All links go to the artists Instagram profile. Go give them a follow!


Final Outcome

     With the Modeling and animation done, the last thing that was needed was the lighting and texturing. Will decided to make the texturing simple and created a metal material with some bumps and scratches. Doing this allowed the greebles do a lot of the detail work.

     The main programs used during this project were Cinema 4D for the modeling, Adobe Photoshop for the custom textures and UV editing, and Adobe After Effects for compositing and color grading.

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