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"feel something again" Album Cover

     Will worked with musical artists Hannah Hausman, Ryan Dowling, MUNN, and thefortunehouse to create an album cover for their album "feel something again".

     When asked to make the cover, the group requested something that had the feeling one of Will's everyday pieces. They also asked to make the computer look like it was abandoned and discarded. With this in mind, Will wanted to create a scene that still had that feeling that was in the everyday piece while still making it seem like it was a picture that was taken by a passerby. 

     While compositing, the group wanted to add the title to the cover so Will decided to give the name an 80's Nintendo style with glitches and a glow to stand out while not being obnoxious.


     The main programs used during this project were Cinema 4D for the modeling and Adobe Photoshop for the custom textures and UV editing as well as compositing and color correction.

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