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     During the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic, many schools around the globe could not have graduation or honors day in fear that the virus would spread. Even though the virus made it difficult, the faculty at Southeast Whitfield High School decided to make a video for the senior's honors day. The administration requested Will, a Southeast alumni, to assist in the design of the video. He assited in the editing as well as creating 3D graphics.

     During the production of the video, Will created a 3D motion graphic of the schools classic crest that included cinematic camera animation. In the end, he made the crest as dynamic in the animation as it is in the still image.


     The main programs used during this project were Cinema 4D for the modeling, Adobe Photoshop for the custom textures and UV editing, Adobe Illustrator for spline work, and Adobe After Effects for compositing and color grading.

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